Part two: after discussing marriage, conspiracy theories and cryptozoology, Caroline asks Jayden a bit about his social media presence. Jayden has a unique take, as he is someone who creates content for and with 'influencers' and yet, he doesn't spend time on social media himself. Hear his 'behind the scenes' look at life surrounded by people known on social media, and, what it's like to live with someone who is so 'online' when he is so 'offline'.


Jayden Lee is a photographer and composer based in Los Angeles. After spending the first 26 years of his life in Melbourne, Australia, Jayden moved to the States, and accomplished the status of dual citizen. He then co-founded 5 businesses — Woodnote Photography, Echo and Earl, Coco Carpets, Light Lab and C’mon Team. NOTE:  He may never sleep. Besides all of this, Jayden happens to be the sound engineer of Out of Line, and, my husband of 13 years. Jayden sat down with me at our very own dining room table to record our chat…


Jayden in Insta: @jaydesypants

Woodnote Photography

Echo and Earl

Coco Carpets

Light Lab

C'mon, Team!

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