Part two: after discussing owning your sexuality and a bit on purity culture, too, Caroline asks Jamie Lee Finch a series of questions about her social media practices.

Jamie Lee Finch is an intuitive healer, sex witch, poet and relationship guide between humans and their bodies. She believes our bodies have a language, and that that language is our mother tongue. Trauma, she says, in any form -- including toxic experiences with fundamentalist religious belief -- is responsible for breaking down our ability to communicate successfully with our bodies; and any sort of illness or imbalance, dysfunction or disease is our bodies’ frustrated attempts to connect with and communicate to us. The work that Jamie does is in reassociating people with their bodies, the language their body is speaking, and the voice their body is speaking with; it is deep reconciliation healing work on a mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical level. Jamie is based in Nashville, Tennessee, and her practice is fully booked until 2019. Clearly, there’s a demand for this type of reconnection with our bodies. 


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