Part two of Amy’s interview is a look behind the curtain of social media.. An honest take on mental health, self esteem and human value from someone in the ‘air quotes’ “influencer” realm, when Amy herself is not considered an ‘influencer’. It’s a new path for Out of Line, and I hope you’ll stick around to listen to what Amy has to say.

Amy Virginia Buchanan is a singer/songwriter, avant garde theatre artist and co-founder of Spring Street Social Society. Her style is influenced by a midwestern upbringing, spanning most of the middle of the country, as well as intensive training in classic theatre and clown arts. Amy combines her expertise in the arts with her experience in hospitality to curate events, often in partnership with brands as experiential marketing. She lives in New York City with a little cat named Whenny, but was in LA for work and came to my place to record our chat on witchcraft.


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