This is the first 'special' episode of Out of Line, where we explore what it feels like to be an American right now. The current political climate has created a great source of anxiety for many -- for others, there is intense grief experienced personally each time there is another mass shooting or drastic and inhumane immigration measure taken by the government. The angst is high, and yet, so are the levels of activism. More Americans are registering to vote, and choosing to use their voices to speak up about issues that matter to them. So how do we process our own emotions and experience in a way that will make us more effective citizens? How do we ensure that we are responding from a grounded place, and not just reacting and resisting. Afterall, as the saying goes, What you resist persists.

This episode is a wild experiment in exploring these very questions. I, (Caroline) only got the idea to create this episode on Tuesday of this week, and created a call to action on my @teamwoodnote Instagram story, inviting guests to call in and record their own experiences. In a short 2 hour window, so many people called in that I could only be more sure that this conversation needed to happen.

What you'll hear: first, some of your own voices. If you called in and answered one of the questions, (What does it feel like to be an American right now? What are your self care practices like to support you in coping? And, what role does social media play in your activism and/or mental health?) THANK YOU. I felt your anger, your embarrassment, your sadness. I also felt your trust in me -- allowing me to piece together this collective experience. Thank you. Next, I talk with two professionals who share their own takes on what is happening in the world, and, strategies on supporting yourself with health first.

Some of my doctor friends have told me that 50-70% of their patients have mentioned an increase in anxiety and depression over the past 18 months, and so this needs to be talked about. Whatever your experience, and whether you have felt like you could share it with others or not, you are not alone. x


Anna Kunnecke is a life coach that works to empower soulful women in finding their strength. Her business,  Declare Dominion, is based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada where she lives with her husband and their 5 kids. Anna was generous enough to hop on a Skype call with me and chat about strategies to process what’s going on in America and in our bodies, so that we can be more effective activists.

Dr. Brittany Busse, is an occupational medicine specialist, and the Medical Director of Telehealth for Kura MD, Inc. She was willing to share her perspective on what is happening in America on a deeper neurological level.


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