Michael Gungor is a singer/songwriter/composer author and podcaster. Growing up in Wisconsin, Michael began his musical adventure as a Christian worship leader. His Michael Gungor Band days evolved into the band Gungor, which still exists as Michael and his wife, Lisa. In 2014, Michael launched a podcast called the Liturgists which he co-hosts with Science Mike. Together, they deconstruct all elements of life through the lenses of faith, art and science. Michael and his wife Lisa live in LA with their daughters, Amelie and Lucie. Michael studied with Ram Das early this year and took on the name Vishnu Das, so in this episode I may or may not refer to him as ‘Vish’, which is what we call him in our circle of friends. Vish is a dear friend and came over to my place to record this chat, where we discuss his origins in Wisconsin, and, fat bias.

Harvard Bias Test: Project Implicit

Lindy West's book, Shrill 


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