Part two: after discussing what it is like to be business partners with your romantic partner, Caroline asks Jenné a series of questions about her social media practice.

Jenné Claiborne is a vegan chef and YouTuber under the name SweetPotatoSoul. After growing up in Georgia, and spending much of her young adult life in New York City, Jenné moved to Los Angeles last year with her fianceé and business partner, Maxx. Her brand new vegan cookbook, Sweet Potato Soul Cookbook, just came out this month, and is filled with vegan recipes of Southern soul food classics! 


Jenné's YouTube Channel: SweetPotatoSoul

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Jenné's Vegan Cookbook: Sweet Potato Soul Cookbook

Jenné's Instagram: @sweetpotatosoul

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Jenné on Twitter: @sweetpotatosoul

Caroline Lee

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