Local Wanderer was created in January 2014 when two friends from Vancouver, Canada quit their jobs, jumped in a car, and set out to discover the west coast without the help of a maps app. Elaine and Taylor created an Instagram account to share the local people and places they encountered along the way, which quickly grew to 28,000 followers in their first 6 weeks on the road. 4 years later, Local Wanderer is a travel blog, complete with social media channels, and is focused on traveling like a local, not a tourist. The ladies both have other jobs, as well. Elaine is the Community Manager at Shutterstock Custom, and Taylor is the Marketing Lead at Later.com. We were originally going to record this via Skype, but their travels brought them into my living room in Los Angeles, where we got to see each other face to face and record our chat.

Things that get mentioned:

Myers-Briggs, free personality test, 16 profile overviews

Horoscopes: overview of Zodiac Signs

the Enneagram. a great Enneagram book: The Complete Enneagram by Beatrice Chestnut

Ayurvedic Constitution


the 5 Love Languages

Podcast: That’s So Retrograde

Fascia (Lauren Roxburgh)



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